The PB Reality Show – Episode 2

PB Reality – Episode 2
Published on May 16, 2013
This is the second episode in the new reality series about the adventures of the PB Millionaire and his beautiful assistants as they “celebrate life” in Pacific Beach. This episode features the annual “PB Bowl” at the famous PB Castle. It also highlights Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, a beach photo shoot, and lots more! Find the PB Reality Show on Facebook here at: or by searching “The PB Reality Show.” You can also visit the website at:

15 thoughts on “The PB Reality Show – Episode 2

  1. posing with the seal was my favorite, likes the “PB Bowl” at the famous PB Castle summaries. and the views of the beach and again love how you and the girls dressed as angels giving to the homeless!

  2. Nice san diego. Much luxury for someone as humble as me. They are things that I will never see in person. I have to see them by videos.

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