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  1. I love your videos Jim. You truly are an amazing man for all your thoughtfulness and work you do with the homeless!

  2. I really like this format for your videos jim👍❤️😀your phenomenal every single video shows your kindness, compassion and Zest for having fun and gobig back in life!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍I love you!!!

  3. very cool i love how you put the videos all in one place here 🙂 thanks so much for all you guys do to share the love you really do rock !!!!

  4. The Halloween video episode 4 is my favorite. I love the upbeat music the decorations ans everyone is having a blast !!!

  5. I love your videos! Always so inspirational. The decorations and music is great. I love the help that you & your staff give to those in need.

  6. Love all the videos Jim!! Thanks for all you do and letting us all see into your life and actually not just talk about what you guys do but show everyone! What exceptional and honest people and with the way the world has been lately I’m so glad to know people like you and your staff are still out there!

  7. i love your videos Jim they are so awesome hope to win one of your prizes it would be awesome to win something for my birthday like a visa gift card

  8. I love all your videos, in episode 5 you had your 3rd Annual Luau contest party with hot girls, great food and drinks as well as a Tiki bar.Grand Prize of hottest Luah was $500.00 which is definately worth coming and dressing up for. I love how Jim celebrates life every day and is so giving, fun, and generous. Im looking forward to his next episode video!!😄🎶👑 King of the castle I love you and those cute blue eyes!

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